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Rope Swing
Voyage Log 1.10.14

Our first teaser featured Erik Doty (cinematographer on Voyage) having a good ‘ole time on a rope swing we found at a random campsite in Alabama.

Full Steam Ahead – Drone Disaster
Voyage Log 1.17.14

This week we’re bringing you a video of another crew member – Jared Coleman, Special Camera Op & Military-Trained Logistics Officer (how’s that for a title?!) – discussing the obstacles of operating and maintaining high-tech digital cinema gear on a very low-tech three week river trip.

Athlete Spotlight – Corrie Dyer
Voyage Log 3.7.14

Without further ado, this year’s “Voyage MVP” award goes to Corrie Dyer! Don’t let her size fool ya, this little bit of Tennessee Moonshine packs a punch.  Assigned with the difficult task of being stuck on a boat three weeks with 14 guys, Corrie held her own and won the heart of every smelly big brother she gained along the way.  Voyage Lesson #1 – Don’t leave home without a Corndog a.k.a. Corrie Dyer!

Athlete Spotlight – Collin Harrington
Voyage Log 2.21.14

This week we are turning the spotlight on one of the most talented guys in the wakeboarding industry. Calm, cool, and collected – just some of the words that immediately come to mind when you think of Collin Harrington. Others – curious…clever….holy mustache! One of the most talented individuals around, this dude knows what’s up! Be on the lookout for more Voyage updates, and you just might find that you know what’s up, too!

Squirrel Force One
Voyage Log 4.4.14

Pontoon boats oftentimes get a bad rap in the boating world, but we’re here to put that silliness to rest. Perhaps the greatest variable in the entire Voyage equation, Squirrel Force One effortlessly executed the thesis of the trip – slow and steady wins the race. Next time you think about gunning it full throttle around the lake, take a lesson from the Tortoise and the Hare, bring it on down to Idleville, where you just mind find what you’ve been looking for all along.  

When Nature Calls
Voyage Log 3.21.14

There is a lot of footage that inevitably hits the cutting room floor when you have over 300 hours of film to sort through. Sometimes you get lucky and find a diamond in the rough. Here’s one of our favorites: Eat your heart out Planet Earth.